неділя, 13 листопада 2011 р.

Mentions of the Lviv Fashion Week 2011

Few weeks ago I visited Lviv Fashion Week and recently i found out that in SMS voting for the best collection of LFW became the Warsaw duo BOHOBOCO. And i totally agree with that result cuz for my opinions these designers were most proffesional among others.
5 pics with my favourite looks of  BOHOBOCO at LFW

середа, 9 листопада 2011 р.

понеділок, 7 листопада 2011 р.

ROXY Winter 2011

Delighted with the new collection Roxy Winter 2011. Couldn't wait to stand on snowbord this winter))) So bright pics and stunning stuff!!!
This post is dedicated to my friend Kristina. Now she's enjoying the fresh air of the Alps. Hope see u there =)


пʼятниця, 4 листопада 2011 р.

"UO" Fall 2010

I spoke earlier i'm Ukrainian. And i guess i supposed to show u a great photoshoot of one of my favourite brands "Urban Outfitters". I really think these pics been taken in Ukrainian Carpathian. Maybe u have others assumptions where it could be taken?

Especially this one reminds me Hutsul house
And this one

debut =)

Hi everyone! My name is Roksolana (it's Ukrainian) but u can call me Roxy. I just started my fashion blog "blvdderoxy". So proud to present it to ya.
Here i'll propose u what is interesting to me in fashion industry, collections of favourite designers, pics/videos/songs which inspired me and of course my outfits. Hope u'll like it. =)
From Roxy with love