неділя, 13 листопада 2011 р.

Mentions of the Lviv Fashion Week 2011

Few weeks ago I visited Lviv Fashion Week and recently i found out that in SMS voting for the best collection of LFW became the Warsaw duo BOHOBOCO. And i totally agree with that result cuz for my opinions these designers were most proffesional among others.
5 pics with my favourite looks of  BOHOBOCO at LFW

And my outfit at LFW

with Ukrainian designer Oksana Karavanska (in-between)

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  1. These are a lovely dresses.
    You also looked great with your outfit. The skirt matched well with your top. We love it!

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  2. Girls thank u for comments =)))!!! Ur blogs are really interesting!!!

    Btw its not a skirt (just looks like it ;)) its pants=))))

  3. Thanks so so much for ur wishes!! :)
    Hope u are having a good day urself. xoxo!

  4. beautiful outfit! I love it!!
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